Tier 5 bone armor. Gilded Iron-Bone Armor + diamonds. Somewhat gaudy. Gilded Diamond-Bone Armor MUST be made on the Bone Anvil.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Guilded Diamond Helmet

Showing the recipe for a Gilded Diamond Skull Helmet.

Gilded Diamond Skull Helmets are made by placing a Gilded Iron-Bone Skull Helmet onto the Bone Anvil and adding five diamonds in a helmet formation.

Guilded Diamond Platebody

Showing how to create a Gilded Daimond-Bone ChestPlate

Gilded Diamond-Bone ChestPlates are created when you place a Gilded Iron-Bone ChestPlate onto an Bone Anvil and add eight diamonds to it in a chest plate shape.

Guilded Diamond Platelegs

Showing how to craft Guided Diamond-Bone LegPlates

Gilded Diamond-BoneLeg Plates are smithed when Gilded Iron-Bone LegPlates are added to the Bone Anvil with seven diamonds in a plateleg formation.

Guilded Diamond Boots

The Crafting recipe for Gilded Diamond-Bone Boots.

Gilded Diamond-Bone Boots are hammered together on the Bone Anvil using Gilded Iron-Bone Boots and 4 Diamonds.

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